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    Hi there, after much debate and research I'm thinking of putting down chevron, NMM and Knutsen as my 3 choices. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Or know anybody who does?

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    I don't know too much about Knutsen, but NMM and Chevron are good. I believe Chevron cadets get payed extra.


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      Don't want to burst your bubble but northern marine management have already chosen their cadets for this September so may I recommended odfjell instead.
      Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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        I'm currently with Odfjell and can highly recommend them! They put a huge focus on safety so it'll give you a good mentality for the future, the training's top-notch and the places where they operate are fairly exotic too. Very little chance of a job at the end though unfortunately as they're currently undergoing a "restructuring" and are avoiding European officers for the foreseeable future....


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          Thanks for that. I'll probably switch NMM to Odfjell in that case. Your not the first to say they are good.