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    Hi there, which college / country? If you are looking for Indian college notes I dont think you'll get them here as we a pimarily a UK based site. As such this is our main area of experience and understanding.
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      COGC - City of Glasgow College, what used to be Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.

      OP - fraid I certainly can't help, this is not a course I took (or even existed) when I took my cadetship, which was only couple of years ago. Amazing how things move on aye!!
      However, your best approach I would suggest is to email either your course leader/tutor or possibly the lecturer who delivered the course and see if they can send an electronic copy to you.


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        Rohit - My name is Tom G Alex and I am also going to COGC in Sep for Post HND. I will ask my friends if any of them have got the notes. Dont have much hope though because most of them have failed in Stability !!! Are you one of the AMETS ?
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