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  • Engine HND January Start

    Hey there,

    Just wondering who else was starting on the 9th of January at City of Glasgow College on the Mechanical Engineering course?

    Not staying in the halls as i'm 27 and i only stay 20mins away in Kilmarnock, looking forward to it and anyone else starting would be good to hear from =)

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    How you doing Sean,

    Good to hear other people have found this site, i've tried having a little search on here with regards to blazers...still a little lost on the matter =/
    My mate who's a 2nd Deck Officer with Stena told me he bought a cheap suit jacket and only wore it for like the first week then just wore an ordinary jacket after that...any ideas?
    Also, short sleeved or long sleeved shirts? Was told i wouldn't be able to join cruise liners as i have tattoos on my arms wondering if i'll still be able to wear short sleeved shirts to college or what? confused!


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      Clyde have a huge number of sponsoring companies. Some are a bit more involved in the recruitment process, and will do second interviews leading to a confirmed sponsor company before you start. Otherwise, the preferences are all taken in and most Clyde cadets don't know who their sponsor is until the first week or two in college. Clyde will always have a place though, they won't send anyone to college without knowing there's a sponsor company for them.
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        Hey I am starting on the 9th January at Glasgow. Doing the Professional Diploma Engineering course through Clyde Marine. I am sponsored by David MacBrayne/Northern Marine Management joint partnership. Had an interview with them on the 20th December and was successful. My first sea Phase will be on either Cal Mac or North Link Ferries and my second sea phase will be on a tanker of some type through Northern Marine Management.

        Looking forward to getting started and the cross training on ferries an large tankers seems a good idea, plus i know a fair bit about the MacBrayne group because I live near Oban in Argyll. Northern Marines office in Clydebank was really smart an up to date and they seem like a good outfit, they told me they aren't in it for the Tax Tonnage reasons but to actually train cadets and keep them on after they have completed their training, so i hope that is still the case when I finish my course.

        I am going to pick up a blazer from a large supermarket chain and wear it and see how it goes, some people I know who have done the course said that after a couple of weeks most people wore plain black jackets, just have to wait and see.

        I am steven and 25 years old by the way!
        Newly qualified Officer #ClubMember


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          Hi there folks,
          I to havent been told who my sponsoring company would be officially but was told at my interview because i done so well apparently my first choice British Marine Plc would be for blazer, yeah im going to just get a plain black suit jacket from asda or something as i aint going to go buy an expensive blazer i'll wear for a week before dumping in a cupboard somewhere. Plus i have a Clyde Marine Training badge to sew onto the jacket, i'll just assume i've to follow the instructions on my letter ''black suit jacket with CMT sewn on, black trousers, white shirt and black tie with black shoes to be worn''...
          Now my dilemma is to try find a bag to hoard all my induction and course work sheets in...thinking about a teenage mutant ninja turtles pencil case also! ha haaaa


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            i know you guys will have a very busy first few days but could one of you please either pm me or reply on here and let me know what the college gym and pool is like and their opening times as i cant find them online and need to get a gym sorted asap... just undecided whether to rely on college facilities or go to the Gorbals up the road...many thanks.


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              Will certainly try buddy, although the only thing i'll be using the gym for is to look at people sweat whilst i sit at the side eating a mars bar ha ha


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                im guessing either nobody made it into the gym the first week or you've all been far too busy having a good time to log on here and tell me all about it??