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Hi i just thought i'd drop my net and see if i get a nibble

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  • Hi i just thought i'd drop my net and see if i get a nibble


    I was wondering if anyones joining glasgow on the 9th of january 2012 to start an engine cadetship. Im doing the PD in marine operations 1st phase and staying in st lukes halls. The joining instructions have been so vague plus it being xmas/new years hard to contact anyone.

    Please reply if you are joining similar time or even you arent but have some advice/tips.


    C.B. Eye

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    Enjoy New Year and worry about it later. That's what I'm doing regarding job hunting anyway!


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      I went there, what do you want to know?
      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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        Hi Captain Birds Eye, I am starting at Glasgow on the 9th doing the PD Engine cadetship through Clyde Marine

        I am also staying in St lukes because i am a 'mature student' at 25 years old.

        I attended an Interview/Induction day at Northern Marine Managements Offices in Clydebank just before Christmas and am now sponsored by Cal Mac/Northern Marine Managements joint partnership. They look a good outfit, first sea phase on Cal Mac ferries or North Link ferries and then next sea phase through Northern Marine, Deep Sea on a Tanker of some kind.

        Looking forward to getting started and of course making new friends.

        What exactly would you like to know?

        I feel fairly organised, just need to purchase some of the College uniform. Northern Marine have provided me with a company tie and are sending me a badge/patch to attach to my blazer. The whole joining process and filling out endless forms has been interesting and time consuming but I know in the end it is worth it.
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          Hey CBE, i am basically an enginner cadet, the full title of the course i am doing at Glasgow College is Professional Diploma in Marine Engineering. I will be at college until late July before going onto my first sea phase. I believe it takes about 3 years in total before you are qualified.

          I am sorry but I don't qute fully understand what you are talking about, which company did you apply for your cadetship with? Are you Deck or Engine ?

          When did you apply and have you had any joining instructions?

          I think Deck cadets do the nc in marine shipping and operations along with the HNC in Nautical Science.

          Sorry I can't be of more help, perhaps if you can confirm exactly how you came to be doing the course, which company its through and if you are indeed a deck or engine cadet. If you can provide a bit more clarity on things i might be able to help.

          I am coming from near Oban in Argyll which is only about 90 minutes from the College, i am 25.
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            Righto Ok, well I imagine everything will be fine with your course if you are sponsored by BP. Engineering cadets do the Marine shipping and operations module as do deck cadets .

            Also the start date for PD Deck cadets is different, I think they start on the 23rd January.

            The college website isn't great at listing the exact details of courses available. It doesn't even list the PD Engineer cadetship course!

            We both have the same start date the 9th so don't worry about it! We might even end up in the same flat in St Lukes because they told me they try to group people together who are on the same course.

            Plymouth is a long way to go, did BP suggest you study in Glasgow so that you could get used to being away from home? I would have thought you could have gone to one of the institutes down South which would be closer surely. I am studying in Glasgow because i only live 90 minutes away outside a small town called Oban. We are the gateway to the isles and endless ferries run from Oban.

            I gave up my job in Administration to start this course, its something i have always been interested in as my mother an father where both in the Royal Navy.

            So excited about getting started and going on my first sea phase later in the summer. I take it with BP you will be on Tankers Deep Sea for your sea phase later this year?

            My name is Steven by the way, no doubt we will be meeting at the college or even St Lukes.
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              Hi Sean, I will be arriving at St Lukes on Sunday. I am taking my car and will be applying for a parking permit from the Halls manager upon arrival. I understand now why you are coming to Glasgow, even though its further away it means you can get started quicker on the course.

              I have been to Edinburgh Uni before an studied Biology then when i finished that i got a job in Admin and have just been doing that the last few years. Its a bit of a change but I have always been interested in Engineering and I live on a small family owned farm so have been used to working with engines/electrics and such like and in fact very nearly ended up doing an aeonautical engineering degree before opting to to biology. My family also has strong links to the Royal Navy.

              I can't wait to get started, it has come round so quickly!
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