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City of Glasgow College (Glasgow College of Nautical Studies)

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  • City of Glasgow College (Glasgow College of Nautical Studies)

    Anyone at the college at the moment? How does it compare to the other colleges and what's it like in general? Cheers.
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    Hey Donny, I'm at the college at the moment, Haven't been to any of other colleges so can't really compare them. In general it is good. I'm in Alcatraz at the moment, because of what everyone has said i expected a lot worse from the accommodation. The college not 50m from accommodation so your never late even when you leave at 8:55 and are due in class at 9.


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      You have that in St Luke's as well. I used to get up at 0845 and still have time for a shower and smoke before college...
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        The 'traz; the only good thing about it is when you go to sea for the first time you will appreciate the luxury and space offered by the average cabin onboard ship!
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          Personally I would nothing but bad things to say about City of Glasgow but I won't rant or I'll end up getting into trouble, haven't been to the others so couldn't be sure they're better but can't be much worse...