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    I'm due to start FD Deck on the 11th of September and was just wondering what the situation is regarding books. Do I need to purchase any before I start or will I be given details of them etc? Thanks, Daniel.

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    The college will let you know what you need, if anything. Usually everything can be found in the library - the nature of university study means much less emphasis is placed on following textbooks.

    You will want to get yourself a copy of A Seaman's Guide to the Rule of the Road or the Pocket Book version, though I hear some companies (Clyde?) supply it. I have a few copies of the pocket version - it's cheap and easy to carry about, and just has the rules in so you can whip it out whenever and learn your rules.
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      Got joining instructions here say you need International rules for the preventions of collisions at seas and add some sponsering companies will provide this. No idea which ones not had mines yet anyway.

      Ps course starts on the 12th don't show up on the 11th you'll have a long wait :P


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        I still have my pocket book version, my company didn't supply us with them though...bought mine from Kelvin Hughes. If you're doing the Foundation Degree, won't you need chartwork tools?
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          Thanks guys, didn't want to turn up and be the only person without the books ha.