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  • The weekends

    Hi everyone
    i start in September with CMT and
    sorry if this is a really common question but what do most lads do at the weekends?
    Because i live on the north coast traveling back is a bit difficult. Also whats the catered accommodation like?

    Cheers Everyone

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    errrm which college are you going to?
    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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      I'm going to Glasgow college of nautical studies with Clyde marine training


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        I haven't started yet but...

        Football/running/gym in the daytime, browsing the internet when I'm resting, sometimes go to the pub in the evening/night. That's most of what I do at the weekend, wherever I am. Actually I didn't used to enjoy drinking before I started uni, but I gave it a chance in the end and felt it's not so bad.

        I think I read that the halls at Warsash have TV's in common rooms or something like that, and maybe some have Sky? Sky Sports Soccer Saturday was a regular thing when I was sharing a house at uni.. we went to the bookies in the morning, put a little money on an accumulator bet, got some snacks, went back and watched the scores come in.


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          Probably the first half of term you will spend your weekends drinking / recovering from drinking. The second half you will spend desperately trying to get finished the assignments you left until the last minute.



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            Yeah if you cant find something to do in glasgow for a few weekends you need a slap, i seem to recall that large drunken groups can be termed 'team building' look out for neon slap (find them on facebook) in some of the clubs, getting your face painted is always going to help break the ice with the local lasses

            It is worth looking at advance train fares (if your on the few parts of the north coast thats near a train) as you can get reasonably cheap ones and that can break up the college weekend, I found the study, sit around waiting till it a reasonable time to go drinking, going drinking to get a bit dull after a while,
            you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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              If you get bored and have some cash there is a SCUBA diving group that meets every Monday about 2100 ish at the gym down the road.
              I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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                10 minuets walk and you're in the city centre and you find something to do. Pubs and clubs, shopping, museums ,cinemas etc are all within a short walk.


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                  cheers I've always had a interest in diving but do you know whether they take complete beginners at the age of 16


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                    most diving places take complete beginners after all its not something that you can do a little bit of it needs to be done right and needs all the equipment. you may find some places have issues with your age, it comes under child protection if its a company they may have plans to deal with this. certainly i know a few diving schools and they will take teenagers and by all acounts diving is rather cool,
                    you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky