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What chart instruments are best?

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  • What chart instruments are best?

    Hello, all of the September 2019 intake have just received their joining info pack via email. The email lists several chart work related instruments we need to buy. To save us going out and buying the wrong items. Can you link below what items you feel worked best for you and the majority of class. These items include; Geometry Set, Scientific Calculator, Brass Dividers >7”, Chart Compasses >7”, Parallel Ruler >16” and or Chart Plotting Set Squares(triangles).

    Thanks for for your help

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    Have you been added to our group chat for cadets starting in September yet?


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      I haven’t no


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        If you would like to be then please PM your mobile number and I will add you to it


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          Some people use Chartco for the instruments, or there is Amazon.


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            There is a branch of Kelvin Hughes opposite the college (or there was when I was there, I presume there still is) where you will be a le to buy all of this stuff if there's anything your forget so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Set of dividers, parallel rules and a big brass compass should be enough to start you off tbh.


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              I'll be honest I think maybe one out of seven of us actually bought dividers and it didn't really make the chartwork unit any more difficult than it would have been with them - we just had to sharped the pencil on the compass more often and make sure we were accurate.
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                The Kelvin Hughes under the arches has gone - moved to greenock I think.

                Chart compasses probably aren't needed, although a 'big' set are useful. Dividers are handy too, they make measurements fast and easy if you have a good set.

                Parallel rulers are a must, Capt Fields seemed the most common. The lecturers will all probably use rulers so the set squares are a bad choice (I would say) although seem very popular with Eastern European crews that I've sailed with, I think they get taught on them. Don't buy a rolling ruler, tricky to get accurate measurements.

                In short, spending more isn't wise. Taking care with cheap stuff will yield better results than someone careless with top end gear. 90% of chartwork is just being meticulous and careful.


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                  Originally posted by sailorj93 View Post
                  The Kelvin Hughes under the arches has gone - moved to greenock I think.
                  Really? That's a bit odd given the captive audience they had just over the road. We were in there fairly regularly buying bits and pieces. Guess they probably didn't get much other custom though.

                  ​​​I never used the squares at college but used them a lot on ship as a cadet and quite liked them. Alas, it's so long since I've used a paper chart I'd probably need someone to show me how they work if I had to pick a set up again!