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Calmac - Glasgow Deck Officer Cadet Sept 2019

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  • Calmac - Glasgow Deck Officer Cadet Sept 2019

    Hey folks,

    I'm starting the HNC Deck Officer Cadetship in Glasgow this September through Clyde Marine. They have put me forward for sponsorship with Calmac, which I am delighted about, however, I have one concern I hope somebody can clear up! I live some considerable distance away from the nearest Calmac crossing, when I am on sea phases with Calmac, how is it going to work? Do I stay on the vessel? (I don't think they have accomodation on board!) Or am I expected to travel/rent a flat up there? I already have a mortgage to pay so I can't afford to take up another!

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hey Dan,

    Congrats on getting CalMac, they?re an extremely good sponsor and you?re nearly guaranteed a job at the end which is critical in this industry.

    Don't worry, they have several live aboard ships (en-suite solo cabins) that will be yours. I believe the ones with crew cabins are Caledonian Isles, Loch Seaforth and Isle of Lewis. I?d hazard a guess that your trip lengths will be 2 weeks on 1 week off, or maybe 10 days on 5 days off.


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      Think they may also send you on a couple of deep sea trips with tankers through Northern Marine (Stena)? They certainly used to do that when I was a cadet a few years ago the Calmac guys I knew did this.


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        That's great guys, thanks for the hp. You've put my mind at ease! I really am delighted to have got Calmac as a sponsor! Cannot wait to get started!


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          Hate to be the bearer of bad (or good) news..

          youll be a Northern Marine/CalMac cadet - so you will see nothing of CalMac at any stage! NMM are a good sponsor though and you'll likely get away deep sea on Tankers and get Gas/Chemical/Oil endorsements which are gold when you qualify. On top of that you'll likely do a spell on some Ferries - either Stena Line or CalMac, both are excellent. The trips are typically 4 months deep sea, or 2 months on Ferries. Unless you do Superfast/CalMac then it's really just to fill in your seatime so you can sit exams.

          There is a chance this has all changed, but this was my experience less than a year ago!

          I wouldnt worry, you've landed with one of the best Clyde Marine sponsors - they'll look after you. They also offer you a job at the end of it, more than 99% of sponsors!


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            sailorj93 thanks for your reply. I'm thrilled to have them as a sponsor. Seems like I'm very lucky!


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              When did you find out calmac where your sponsor company? From what I can tell northern Marine are the best company to go with well done. I still haven?t been told by Clyde marine yet which scares me a wee bit.


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                I?m Clyde too and haven?t got my company assigned. I was led to believe we won?t find out till we get to Glasgow and at least week 4.


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                  Aye, you don't find out until about a couple of weeks after you start college.


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                    Originally posted by gl3483 View Post
                    Aye, you don't find out until about a couple of weeks after you start college.
                    This is what I thought. OP did you put CalMac as your first choice? Or has Clyde said unequivocally that you?ve got sponsorship with CalMac/Northern Marine?


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                      I put northern Marine as my first choice and I even called them up to say I was interested in going with them, they replied as said they weren?t taking on any cadets this year so that?s why I?m a bit confused. The OP might have been called in for an extra interview with Calmac


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                        NMM/Calmac do second interviews, as do a few other companies, so these candidates find out before all the other sponsors.