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    I’ve seen mixed reviews about the St. Luke’s Terrace accommodation. Can anyone staying there or who has stayed there recently got any feedback please?


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    Not the nicest, a bit dated really... But on the other hand - much less supervision than the Riverside halls, and rooms are bigger. So you get more of a student experience rather than surrogate parents at reception...

    I had a good time there!


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      The reviews I saw said things like broken appliances, bad internet, loud plumbing, etc. Did you experience any of these?


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        I lived there throughout my cadetship (finished in 2013). Was pretty good. I have stayed in various student halls at other universities either that I was studying at or where friends lived and it compared pretty favourably to those at the time.

        We were in a flat of 6 with a shared kitchen/living area. Each had our own room with en suite bathroom. A lot of the rooms have double bed but not all of them. First year I had a single but the 2nd and 3rd I had a double (I requested this when I sent the forms in, it doesn't cost anything extra). Was in a room with people from my class and it was a good laugh and also good for studying. The halls were in reasonable nick in terms of furnishing etc and if anything was broken it got fixed fairly quickly in my experience once brought to their attention. Don't recall any issues with noisy plumbing.

        Internet wise, it was ok. The speed was fairly quick, the main issues were that there were filters on it, which was a bit of a pain in the arse tbh. As far as I am concerned its effectively your home you pay a hilarious amount for what you get (the halls fee are only slightly less than my current mortgage for a 3 bedroom house!), we are all adults and you should be able to look up what you want (provided its legal, obviously). The most frustrating thing was trying to look up something legitimate (eg SEXtant) and the page being blocked. I complained about this at the time. Obviously they didn't pay any attention. However the other halls were the same so this is not a problem unique to St Lukes. The internet would go down occasionally. I believe it worked off some sort of wireless link with the main college building which needed line of sight and would be knocked out by fog of all things. Of course its not foggy that often so this wasn't a major issue. At the time it was all wired for the internet which might be an issue these days as a lot of modern laptops etc don't have ethernet ports. I'm not sure if they have moved with the times and stuck a wireless network in by now.

        You were left a lot more to your own devices at St Lukes than you were at the other halls (I stayed in those for a couple of weeks). The other halls had a reception desk, you had to sign visitors in and out, you couldn't bring any alcohol in(!), you couldn't have overnight visitors without prior authorisation etc. St Lukes basically you could do what you wanted within reason.

        Obviously it was a few years ago so things may have changed. At the time the new catered halls hadn't been built and the ones which were there were terrible so St Luke's was the sensible option. Of course it may be different now with the new halls. I always preferred self catering regardless so I could cook my own meals rather than eat the slop they serve up but depends what you prefer really.


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          Im staying at St Lukes this year and after being at Riversise last year can say St Lukes is better for same reasons as some folk stated up there, they arent as full on as Riverside.. first 2 weeks at Riverside they wanted to see inside my shopping bags to make sure there wasnt any alcohol. Riversides nicer and more modernly done up but still its more expensive than St Lukes too. Sure some people will have had issues with the appliances etc but if you didnt break them they are not bad and will replace them with little fuss. Even then when you move in they send you an inventory form and ask you to check things with the rooms and kitchen/lounge so if there are any issues just report it then and they will sort it. Also the radiators at times can make a noise but we just turn them down when thay happens and after a minute theres no noise. The internet is a hassle sometimes but thats eduoroam for you, does the same in the college too not just at St Lukes or Riverside. St Lukes is a bit older and dated in terms of the kitchen, rooms etc but they are bigger rooms, bigger lounge and in all fairness your still only under a 5 minute walk from the college (the closer the better, not having to get up earlier like some of the other folk in my class who stay outside central area of Glasgow and need to drive/get the subway in is a plus). Plus its a 10 or 15 min walk from the city centre so its ideal for getting shopping, eating out or going for a few drinks come the weekend if thats your thing. It is a bit expensive compared to private landlord owned flats but if this is going to be phase 1 for you, its worth it because you will probably get put in with people on the same course as you as was the case for me in phase 1 (or maybe folk who are in phase 3 or phase 5 who can give u a bit of a headsup or tell you what to expect over the course of the cadetship be it college or sea phases which is also a plus) and like I did this year, can then sort it out to be staying with them in the next phase be it at st Lukes, riverside or a flat elsewhere. My advice would be do the student digs for phase 1 at least and if you can get somewhere else for phase 3, that isnt a treck away, then sure go for it.