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  • SPD phase 1

    Just looking for some advise please. I am currently phase 1 and have 4 exams left to sit. I know I can carry 2 forward to phase 3 however I just wondered if I dont pass the remaining two before going on phase 2 will my cadetship come to an end ?

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    The SPD I think has changed since I done it. Phase one for me was the HNC which means I had to pass every unit ontop of the grades unit to get to sea. I’ve known several guys however who’ve been allowed to carry subjects over to phase 3 however tbh I wouldn’t want to carry that worry over to the next phase as it’s something that will be on your mind at sea. Best to pass it and make the most of phase 2.
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.


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      It won't end your cadetship, but I'm unsure if they'll delay you going to sea etc. Agree with bahco, it'll be an added stress if you carry it to the more intense phase 3.


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        Thanks for your replies, much appreciated. Will keep on working away at it. I would rather get it done. Thanks.


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          Does anyone have a list of useful books I could buy to help during the 1st year. Also, where to buy. Thanks