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GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

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  • GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

    i am going to GCNS starting september 2011, however i will only turn 18 in december. i am comign in through clyde marine although i do not know who my sponsoring company is. Do i HAVE to stay in catered accomodation, or is there any way around it? also, what are the rules on visitors? can we stay out some nights if we sign some sort or register? and is the 22:00 curfew only on weekdays, are weekends curfew free?

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    Re: GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

    If I remember correctly I think the weekend curfew was 2300. When I was there I stayed in St Lukes and a lot of my mates in alcatraz would sign out for the night and stay with me. Once I got locked in because we missed the curfew and I had to wait for half an hour before the security guard came around from whatever he was doing to let me out! He was not impressed.


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      Re: GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

      You should be bale to stay in St Lukes if you want, one of the girls I live with was 17 when she moved in, don't think you can really have guests in alcatraz, but St lukes you can, gatherings or small parties, are fairly common, and as long as your reasonable with noise, security are reasonable as well


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        Re: GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

        For under 18's in alcatraz the curfew from Sunday to Thursday is 2300 on a Friday and Saturday it is midnight but this can be extended if your parents give you permission but if you break your curfew it will not be extended. As for visitors Monday to Thursday you can have them from 1800 to 2230, a Friday 1800 to 2300, a Saturday 1000 to 2300 and a Sunday 1000 to 2220.

        And be prepared to get out your bed at stupid hours for fire alarms as some numpty has set it off!!!
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          Re: GCNS Catered (alcatraz) Halls of Residence

          Is it a bad idea to stay in catered accom if your an older cadet?