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  • residential flats

    i have a few questions about the residential flats that i would like to know as i am maybe starting at glasgow nautical college in january.

    at the flats i know it costs ?110 for the catered flats. but what is the room (not the tv room or the bathroom which you share but actually the room which you sleep in). what is in it? what is provided (if anything) in the room? how big is it? is there anything else you need to pay for? what could you get for your room? how many people stay on the same floor (approximately)?

    if there is anything else what you think i would find helpful. cheers!

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    Re: residential flats

    From memory they are slightly larger than shoeboxes, but only just; 6-7' by 8-9' at a guess, with a teeny desk, wardrobe/locker thing and the bed(think there are drawers under the bed, but can't remember for sure). In a word; pokey. My cabin on a standby boat is bigger.
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      Re: residential flats

      Think of a prison cell. There's a reason we called it "Alcatraz". I suspect the food is better in prison.


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        Re: residential flats

        Food is probably better in prison. Alcatraz apartments are exactly like prison cells. Breeze block walls, the lot. You have fire alarms most nights because of idiots with deodorant, curry for most evening meals and thats after you've killed the meat within your curry. I spent 3 days in Alcatraz and that was 3 days too many for me.
        St. Lukes is nice enough. Its the self-catered accommodation.
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