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HNC/HND College Notes

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  • HNC/HND College Notes

    Hi all,

    This might be a bit of a long shot. I'm looking to go for my Mates in the next year or two but I am no where near at the point of being ready. I'm working as a 2nd Mate onboard an ERRV, and so pretty much don't use anything I learned in college doing my HND.

    I've recently started scanning in some of the college notes that I've had stored in the loft but some subjects are all muddled with some outcomes missing.

    I was just wondering if anyone, from any college would have any of their notes stored digitally and could email them to me? It would be hugely appreciated. HNC or HND outcomes on any subject would be welcome so I can just delete what I don't need.

    If you do happen to have any, please drop a reply and I will DM you my email address.

    Cheers in advance.

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    Mate, stop spamming the boards. One post is plenty!


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      anyone got any Graded Unit 1 notes for engineering? ?