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  • Chiltern maritime and MEF Cadetship


    I have just been offered a cadet ship with chiltern maritime and mef, I am a returning cadet as I had previously failed phase 3 but I have now passed it and I am about to start phase 4.
    i was wondering if anyone could shine some light onto what type of ships I could be expecting to go on and any info about the company as I have struggled to find anything online?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Mike!
    With Chiltern you should expect to go on any type of vessel. We have cruise ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ferries, buoy laying vessels (Trinity house, Northern Lighthouse Board and Irish Lights), off-shore drill ships, we even have a super yacht - although very few cadets get to go on her!
    As for the company, MEF is a charity that supports education within the industry. Chiltern manage the planning of your sea-phases and help you through your cadetship, if you have any problems you should come to us and we will do our best to help! We also help you find a job at the end of your cadetship.
    I hope this answers your questions! If not feel free to ask away!