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    Hello all

    For my phase 3 me and my friends have been wanting to get our own non halls rented accommodation, the trouble is that im not sure how to go about it.

    Is it better to search now, and likley get knocked back due to landlords not wanting to keep a house on hold for a few months.
    Is it better to search in august when you are more likley to be able to move in soon, but less likley to find a place.

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    Get in early, when I was at college we got our flat for phase 3 sorted before the end of phase 1. Chances are there are landlords in the area used to renting out to cadets who won't mind letting you sign in advance. Most landlords start showing flats early anyway, my girlfriends due to move out of her flat in July and estate agents started showing potential new tenants around in January.


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      Lots of accommodation is arranged months before, lots of second years at normal colleges arrange next years accommodation before the end of their first year, go and view them etc.
      No idea where you are but does your college have an accommodation office where they keep lists of approved accommodation ie places that they check out ? Or landlords let them know what they have available. Some will look over leases for you too make sure you are not signing up to anything dodgy etc.


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        I organised my phase three accommodation within three weeks of starting phase one. Get in early or you'll be left with the accomo no one else wanted.
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          its easier done at the end of the previous phase as it allows you to go look at places while it can be done the month in advance you need to pay to travel there to view things unless your not fussy and you need to be home from sea.
          most of the places are rented to students every time so they are aware of having a few months gap in rent and most will be happy to have something organised for the future
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