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Has anyone experienced a cadetship with nothern marine management

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    With Northern Marine and got told I'm on the Navigator Gusto. First hand experience anyone?


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      Originally posted by PossibleRecruit View Post
      With Northern Marine and got told I'm on the Navigator Gusto. First hand experience anyone?
      The Navigators are a good fleet of newly acquired LPG ex-Maersk ships/new builds, good conditions on board and they are in the process of installing wi-fi onboard, you might have it, possibly not. Generally mixed crew. There's a couple of guys on here I know who have been on the Navigators maybe they can tell you some more.


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          Originally posted by g22 View Post
          Current NMM Engine cadet, due to start phase 2 sometime in March/April.

          Have been told by my training officer that I'll be on tanker and when phase 4 rolls around, ill spend a few weeks on a ferry in the Irish Sea, then the remainder off the phase on a Gas Carrier. Quite happy with this to be honest, I think the variation will give me invaluable experience, as a lot of people will serve their cadetships on exclusively 1 type of ship.

          In my personal opinion NMM are very good and have been very good to me this far.

          Any questions, just ask.
          Hello, I agree NMM are a good sponsor company to get. However you may not be guaranteed to do time on oil and gas tankers. In my class only me and one other boy out of 8 did this. The rest of the lads were purely on oil tankers.
          They will try their best though to give you some varied ship types.
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            I just completed my cadetship with Northern marine and I found the on-board training excellent.
            NMM are a part of Stena...
            I have been offered a job, and the majority of cadets do.
            I was only on Ro-Ros and Ro-Pax as a cadet (through choice) and they are allowing me to move to tankers now I have qualified.

            Hope that helps.