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  • College Half Terms

    Do the colleges have half terms that you can actually do non college things in for a break from it?

    Assuming all phase 1s are going to be Sep 6th - Dec 17th this year, does that mean there'd be a week off in the last week of October as schools and other colleges do?
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    Re: College Half Terms

    the stuff i have from WMA doesn't say there is... but i live in hope
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      Re: College Half Terms

      Yeah i've heard mixed things about that week off in October.


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        Re: College Half Terms

        There is no october break at Warsash... I think there is a bank holiday at some point in October / November... but otherwise you are there from September / October - a few days before Christmas.
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          Re: College Half Terms

          In a nutshell, No. But you do get bank holidays off.


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            Re: College Half Terms

            At University of Plymouth we only have the three normal breaks a year. During Christmas and Easter we get around 3 weeks but we usually have to use this time to do our STCW courses such as Fire-Fighting, First Aid, PSSR and Personal Survival etc...