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[COMPLETED] Maths help

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  • [COMPLETED] Maths help

    It seems that Warsash are using for pre-course warm up.

    This stuff is free for anyone to use under Creative Commons licence (non-commercial and educational etc...).

    So the next challenge is to find some comparable physics resources for people.
    e.g.: ... extbook%22

    The wiki structure is starting to take shape... but I've been babysitting this week and doing paperwork, so it's been tricky. I should be able to do more next week when I'm at "work" .

    I won't start putting anything up in a hurry though, I want to get the basics in place first.

    For Deckies though, try looking at Numeracy, Mensuration, and Algebra on the mathcentre website.
    The list for Engine is a lot longer... about 12 topics for HND and 19 for FD.
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