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  • Cadetship with Technip

    Hi all,

    I've been accepted for a Cadetship with Chiltern Maritime. They offered me MEF but I said I was quite interested in the offshore industry so they've got me an interview with Technip. Never heard of them before and there's no information of cadetships online but after searching abit I can see that they're a HUGE company... I'm really interested in working for them!

    Can anyone offer me any more information about them? Like how much do they pay cadets? What college are they likely to send me to? Am I likely to get a job with them after qualification? Etc.

    Any input is much appreciated.



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    You only need to raise one thread you know....

    Anywho, sorry, I don't know much about them other than they are based in Aberdeen so may want you at Glasgow.
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      Wish chiltern offered me a Technip cadetship! I'd be able to retire by now.