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    Hey Folks

    Sorry to bother you, just a quick thread on Ardmore Shipping as I'm currently a Trinity House Cadet over in Ireland. Just curious as it seems that I'm going to be placed on one of their ships for my first trip and there is no information online or videos of the company at all. Just looking for a general overview of anyone's opinion of the company and their ships, for example what kind of facilities were on board for example how were you treated and what were the crew like, also what was your daily routine and how was the food, was there any access at all to the web or if there were gym facilities on board or did you get any shore time, things like that? Any help or information would be much appreciated.

    Shane Wright

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    This Ardmore?

    Ardmore Shipping Corporation is engaged in the ownership and operation of product and chemical tankers in worldwide trade.
    io parlo morse


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      Yeah read everything on their website but doesn't give you an sense of what life on board would be like! Just the usual corporate talk the bear minimum about the fleet size and what they carry.


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        Little bit of guff about their comms here. 2 years old though.

        io parlo morse


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          Thanks interesting but still hardly anything online about this company anyone aware of anything else?


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            I'm currently onboard Ardmore Centurion due for a 4/5 month trip,

            The vessel is currently chartered by Shell eastern, so the area of operation has been China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Persian gulf. All officers and Crew get an allowance of 200mb per month for internet and email usage which is very useful! although I would suggest investing in a 3g MiFi dongle to insert local SIM card in for when the vessel is in port/at anchor, it has been a god send out here. They're is also a small gym onboard and lots of karaoke if your in need of some social time!

            Bring U.S Dollars with you as the 'slopchest' onboard sells beer, chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps, toiletries but only accepts U.S Dollars.

            Nationality - Indian Captain, Russian Chief Mate, Filipino 2/o and Chinese 3/o also Indian Chief Engineer. The crew are all Filipino, they are all a good bunch to get on with.

            Not at all interested in the TRB side of things, but if you keep ontop of what you need to do they will be happy to sign things off. watches are currently 4 on 8 off, usually overlapping the officers timings in order to get training from 2 different officers...officers do the 8-12, 12-4, 4-8 and deck cadet do 6-10,10-2, and 2-6 which works pretty well. Not sure of the engineers routine but im pretty sure its something similar.

            Cabins are good, in fact one of the nicest I have had. The food is ...well...I Hope you like Pork Adobo! a Filipino favourite that has currently been on the menu for the past 8 days, always packets of noodles lying around and boiled rice if you cant stomach the Filipino food. saying that it isn't all that bad, the cadets who were on here previous to me struggled eating but I seem to have a healthy enough appetite to eat every night.

            If you need anymore info let me know.