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Studying for orals

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  • size4riggerboots
    Presumably you're doing an orals prep course?

    Study with friends, ask each other questions, smartie boards etc, if you have tutors offering private tutorials get a few of you together to minimise the cost, make revision notes... use whatever method of inputting information into your head and making it stick works best for you! This is nose to the grindstone time, the last big slog, best of luck!!

    (And don't whatever you do, faff around on here, save that for when you've passed!)

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  • Benr42
    started a topic Studying for orals

    Studying for orals

    Hello all, 5 weeks left until sitting OOW orals . Was wondering what others find the most effective method of studying for the next 5 weeks.. Many thanks in advance... Ben