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    From a brief and unscientific glance at the popularity of threads, I think I've noticed some topics that attract more interest than others:
    • * Money - and how to get more of it! (wages when you're qualified; grants/bursaries/loans etc...)

      * Paperwork to do with getting in: US visa; discharge book; drugs & alcohol testing;

      * Accomodation in college...

      * Lifestyle as a cadet: going out at college; fitness at sea; internet access at sea; smoking;

      * Academic things: are your marks good enough; which course to do; class size; maths worries;

      * Uncertainty about the career: horror stories; how to get on with people;

      * Ladies (I think there is a different interest here from each gender)

    I'd like to be able to just sort threads by popularity, but at least some trends are beginning to emerge.
    I mention this because these all look like worthy pages or categories on the wiki.
    Any thoughts about elaborating or expanding on these things?

    (i've done it a bit already... just helps give some ideas for what to do with the site.)
    Emeritus Admin & Founding Member