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Student Finance - Final Phase?

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  • Student Finance - Final Phase?

    Does anyone know if we're able to get student finance for our final college phase?

    Just logged on to my student finance account from last college phase to apply again for next phase, it states that it has to be a degree, HND or HNC for finance. Phase 3 was HNC so I qualified for it then, but I'm not sure of the course title for next college phase. I know it's not a HND or degree, but just wasn't sure if there was a way around it or not?

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    Seems you need to find out what the college call it, might help have you searched on here? I recall there being discussion on this topic before.. If the next year is not part of your HNC or part of HND then what are you actually doing? If college call the next phase part of theses qualifications then you would be I would have thought. Have you gone and asked your college finance people about it and if you can't get the normal finance sometimes there are other funds available, must be worth a call.


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      I'm at sea at the minute but thinking of giving them a call when I can. When I'm back I'm just there for SQA's and orals prep. Finished off my HNC last phase.


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        Unlikely that you'll get it as the last phase is mostly Oral Prep.....
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          If you have officially finished the HNC then you might have issues, since your last phase is just exam prep. Best to check with the college though.
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            It's not at all likely, I tried it on my phase 5 and went through months of providing documentation, didn't get anything.