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Halls, yay or nay...?

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  • Halls, yay or nay...?

    Bascially i was told today that my sponsor isnt making it compulsary to stay in halls of residence. I live about half an hours drive from STC in traffic and what i'm wondering is just how much of an advantage, if any, will staying in halls be?
    Obviously i can tell there are some advantages; more social, prepares a little more for sea phases, closer to people who can help with college work, a lie in maybe? The only problem is that i can live at home for a fraction of the cost. I'm also planning on staying with my current sports team and maybe even keep on a saturday at work where i work now. This all means going back to the north side of the river 3/4 times a week and at ?1.60 per trip through the tunnel it'll soon add up (robbing gits!) (lets hope i'm good at time management! )

    Basically what i'm wondering is, just how advantageous is it to stay in halls? anyone in a similar predicament?

    Thanks in advance.

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    As somebody who has stayed in uni halls and lived at home, I'd say it depends on the experience you want to get out of college. If you want to make lots of friends, go out partying, experience living in a hall environment, to not have to commute, the hall is probably better for you. If you want peace and quiet, to stay around friends/family, cheaper living, don't mind commuting, etc I'd stay at home if I were you. Then again, when I did halls it wasn't for anything maritime-related (just regular uni) but I'm going guess that it's somewhat similar. Work out your costs including petrol, car maintenance, tolls, etc for living and transport, then compare the price difference with halls and ask yourself "Am I prepared to pay an extra ??? to not have to commute, for convenience?" I live at home now, much better for coursework but I suppose it depends on your individual family dynamic.

    I know it's not college-specific advice, but I hope it's been of some help to you!

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      I understand the preference to stay at home with the cost implications but staying at the halls is part of the experience, and preparation for life at sea. If you insist on remaining on the 'dark side' you could always get a tunnel pass to reduce your fares!!
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        We had no choice, we had to stay in halls. If I lived half an hour away I would have wanted to live there rather than pay through the nose to live in halls.
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