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    Afternoon All

    I am a 2nd year MN Cadet on the Bsc Route. I have been offered a place on a ship out in Shanghai starting on the 1st of August really can't wait.

    They originally said a 12 week trip but have offered me till Christmas what is peoples opinions on this what would be the maximum trip.

    The trip is Shanghai to LA on a 2500 TEU container vessel russian crew. Could any cadets who have done something similar give advice about what to pack etc.

    Thank you x

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    Re: Long Trip

    4 1/2 months isn't too long, with 4 months being more or less the industry standard.
    Saying that 4 1/2 months can drag if you're not enjoying it, so if you have the option I'd maybe tell them you'll decide when you're onboard - that way you'll have time to figure out whether you'll like it or not.
    Longest trip I did was 6 months when I was 3/O and even then I wasn't that keen to go home - the ship was on a great run in the Far East with lots of time alongside and we had a fantastic bunch of blokes onboard.


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      Re: Long Trip

      Thanks Malim Sahib.

      What would you say key things to take with me apart from normal stuff like all paperwork?