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Instructional Charts - Like BA 5140

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  • Instructional Charts - Like BA 5140

    Dear all

    Greetings ! Does anybody know if it is possible to download in PDF Instructional charts like BA 5140. I am preparing for OOW exams and since I am located outside UK , its not possible for me to buy them. I have seen PDF versions of various charts ( the so called scanned charts)

    Thanks if anybody can give some information !


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    I think they are actually only supplied to colleges directly, have you tried contacting an admiralty chart supplier in your country?
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      Can be bought online and shipped worldwide as well.


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        @alistairuk - Thank you for the reply. No since those charts are not used for exams in my part of the world , admiralty chart agent does not stock them

        @YoungMariner: Yes true. But it comes with a forbidding price tag ! But thanks for the reply


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          Bit pricey but hey:


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            HarmlessWeasel - Bit Pricey indeed. ! Its anyway. I have asked my friends who are returning from CoGC to bring them ! So problem solved