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    Just a quick question,

    In College what are the exams like? Could anyone give me any advice on the subjects that you are examined on also! I'm starting to look forward to starting college (subject to grades) however with exams I struggle a little when it comes to timing. I don't want to enter college blind thinking the exams will be fine when I may struggle! Not the best to go, fail, get kicked out then say whoops where to go now!



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    You'll be examined on all subjects you study at college, although some may only be internal exams - doesn't mean they're any less important! You'll also have assignments to complete as part of your course.

    As a deck officer cadet, you'll cover things like tides, passage planning, celestial/terrestrial navigation, wet and dry cargo as well as radars and radios.

    I believe some of the exams use subtractive marking, where you start with 100% and lose marks for mistakes.

    If you're worried about timing, your college should have procedures for allowing extra time providing you have a legitimate reason, however only your college will be able to give you concrete information on this.

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      I am in phase 1 Deck PD Class at Glasgow and the most of the exams so far have been okay. If your worried about the exams my best advice is to do all the tutorials as the phase progresses however this is much easier said than done as most our class just did them in the days/week leading up to an exam and we were really cramming the study in now as like GHedges said you are examined on all subjects and most have multiple exams staggered throughout the phase however more exams towards the end of the phase. We have 2 exams a week just now so I ain't going to lie it's pretty full on.

      So don't worry, put in the effort doing tutorials and going to after classes for help and you will be fine. You'll get out what you put in. A lot of effort you should pass everything first time. Little or no effort, you'll fail stuff, need to re-sit and you don't want re-sits to build up as you need to do them as well as any remaining exams!

      Good luck

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