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    Hi can anyone explain after your first college phase how soon you go on to your ship? I thought It was right away but I have read on some posts that some people fine it hard to get sea time. I don't understand that bit, I thought that your sponsor would have it all organised for you to get your sea phase sorted.

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    Entirely up to your sponsor. Some will be organised and have you off within days. Other people will wait months. Some sponsoring companies are less organised than others. I know quite a few people that struggled for sea time and ended up having to extend their cadetship and qualified 6 months after the rest of us because they didn't get 12 months sea time in during the allocated sea phases. Mostly people who did their cadetship in the North Sea where there was issues with there not being enough berths on board for cadets and the fact that everything is a month on a month off there didn't help.


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      It rather depends who you work for. Some companies are better organized than others. If you work for the company that owns the ship you stand a better chance - if you work for an agency then they sometimes struggle to find berths as EH75 has already said.
      I would not worry about putting some pressure on your training officer if you are getting worried about it - you don't want to be short of sea time at the end of your cadetship, nothing more depressing than going back to sea when the third engineer was a cadet in the same class as you....
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        People like carnival can tell you months in advance where you are going, (generally) as that's how far in advance they are planning all the crew changes and the already know the ports and times exactly. a tanker can be delayed diverted etc it makes the planning harder especially if it has limited spare berths maybe they need a contractor on board for a week and that delays the availability for you. talk to your training manager, and sponsor there should be a person dealing with training and getting you on ship. but be aware that it can be two days notice and you are expected to be able to go.

        Best hint is get the bag packed as soon as your home from college and then relax and enjoy the time off. that way even if you've gone walkabout the UK you can get home the next day and be ready to go.
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