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Universal plug adaptors ?

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  • Universal plug adaptors ?

    Hi everyone, can anyone recommend me any universal plug adaptors to use with electronic devices at sea ? any particularly reliable brands, good price etc ? thanks

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    Buy ones from a high street shop. I bought cheap ones from the internet and only 1 out of 4 actually worked. Also if you take an extension lead with you, you only need 1 adaptor. Make sure you check the voltage on your devices against what is used on your ship. Here in the UK we use 220-240v but my ship used the 110v supply. Most devices these days are compatible on both but items like hairdryers are not (I bought a dual voltage hairdryer to take with me). It will tell you on the plug or label somewhere on the device.


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      I have this:

      It has worked everywhere I've been so far. Would definitely recommend it. As mentioned above take a multi plug extension lead with you and then you can plug the adapter into that which means you only need the one adapter.