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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask this quick question. What do shipping companies provide you with when going on a sea phase, uniform etc. If on a passenger vessel do they give you an ID card, so you can gain access into specific areas of the ship etc?

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    depends on the company. I wouldn't worry about it sure they'll give the details in due time


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      Yeah I suppose so, thanks for the info.

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        You should get an ID card on every ship you sail on.


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          Originally posted by size4riggerboots View Post
          You should get an ID card on every ship you sail on.
          Don't lose it! C/O's get very irate when your's accidentally falls into a full ballast tank and sinks like a stone....

          Also, if it is used to mark down who is on and who is off, don't forget to pick it up from gangway watch when you come back on board after a couple of sherberts. Captain's get really miffed when you do that...

          Also, make sure you wear it when you have service engineers and new crew on board as they may not see you until you after you've sailed and then go running to the C/E babbling something about Stowaways?
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