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essential list :) college and sea phase

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  • essential list :) college and sea phase

    hey like it says Im trying to start buying all the essentials for college and sea phase so any ideas of stuff you wish you had or are absolutely necessary for me to get I know theres lists on the articles I just thought are there any items that you wish you had/needed and didnt have tia!
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    Standard items: Parallell rule - they told us to get the 15" size but I wish I had got much longer ones, dividers, scientific calculator, compass, pens, pencils (HB and 2B for charts), paper
    I wouldn't bother getting your stuff for sea until you know where it is you will roughly be going. If you haven't already got one, a digital watch for sea is always a bonus but not a cheap knock off, one that keeps good time (for taking fixes and gyro errors) - my friend learned this from experience.