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My Sponsorship Company Cosco Maritime Ltd (UK)

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  • My Sponsorship Company Cosco Maritime Ltd (UK)

    Recently i started my phase 1 at Fleetwood Nautical Campus , Not going to lie , im loving it , it's a great place
    I recently got given my sea phase company by CMT Which was Cosco Maritime Ltd (UK) , they weren't on the sponsoring company list which confused me plus i know limited about them only a fair bit , So i'd like abit of help of information about them if there good or not ;D or like a good company to be joining , so any help would work out for me , Thanks for your time and if theres any Aspiring cadets who want to find out any info about the first days/weeks at Fleetwood drop me a PM , im one of the youngest here and im loving it ! so yerh , Thanks.

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    Never heard of any British cadets with COSCO before but it is a Chinese government owned shipping company so I'm assuming the majority of the crew would be Chinese.


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      COSCO do all sorts. I've been in their dry docks before...

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        chinese ? are they nice ?? like serious question and i heard they employ people all around the world , there ships look epic though ngl , but yerh does anyone know anybody whos been on them???


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          Hello person who have replaced us in halls... glad to hear your having a good start - we sure did!

          You definitely found out quicker than we did regarding our sponsoring companies from Clyde! One of the guys in my class got with COSCO too, Clyde Marine seem to work quite closely with COSCO maritime as they organise their berthing etc. for them so I have been told. I have seen some of their massive ships out and about at sea.