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Anyone with UP Offshore on the UP Jasper?

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  • Anyone with UP Offshore on the UP Jasper?

    It will be good to know if any phase 2's or phase 4's will be on this vessel this year. I'm about to board it this week according the Clyde.



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    Looks like you could be sailing alone child
    needly noo


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      Haha Jakey poo needly I hope you are enjoyinh your woooyaaage. I will be all alone.


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        I'll be on Amber with Dale in Rio when she turns up
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          I was on Jasper for 4 months during the summer as an engine cadet. it's a nice ship mate; Indian crew but every single crew-member spoke fluent english, food was great - curry mostly but really good stuff and the chef will cook you anything you want if you don't like it, also you get burgers, pizza, spagbol, full-english at least once a week. Theres gym equipment onboard, satellite TV and books. You get in port at least once a week and the equipment onboard is really advanced (Kongsberg DP system). Another great piece of advice for going on Jasper is to bring some food with you for the first week or so, like some chocolate bars, nuts, whatever because the food can take a day or two to adjust to and you'll need your energy since you'll probably be on 6AM - 6PM day work, don't let that bother you because you get into the swing of it straight away and you are given half days and days off to fill in your TRB. Captains who were on when i was on was Captain Gulati and Captain Lagu - both really nice guys who always have time of day for you.