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  • College accommodation ratings...

    Seems like accommodation is a popular topic, and lots of questions are flitting about.

    How about a thread where those with experience rate the accommodation according to some categories:

    1-5 stars *****

    price: most are the same, but are they all?
    comfort: maybe post some images of equivalent things online?! up-to-date-ness? fixtures and fittings? mattress quality?!
    food: !
    facilities: e.g.: fridges; internet; gymn;
    services: e.g.: laundry
    transport: how easy is to get to and fro?
    fun: stuff to do; crime to avoid?
    homework: how good is the environment in your room; how about the library and computer room and classrooms?
    chill-out space: is there some quiet spots for nature-lover (not doggers btw!) to take a time out?

    any other ideas?
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    Re: College accommodation ratings...


    Single berth prison cell, plastic undersheet on bed, shared bathrooms.
    Multi-gym in a cupboard, bring your own mini-fridge and kettle but no toasters. Free Wifi.
    Laundry costs er.. can't remember, but it's alright, but small.
    Train='mare, get the train to Poulton then a ?12 taxi to Fleetwood. Driving, not brilliant, especially with the road works....
    RAFTERS!! You WILL love it (just make sure you're not sober when you enter) Also, the Steamer is good for a more old man type night out (has snooker table, pool table and darts). Blackpool is 20 mins down the road
    Cramped.... library is small but the librarians are ace, there's plans to make it bigger in the pipeline too. Library has computers and there are 2 other computer rooms on the same floor. best thing to do is get together with your coursemates and go do homework in the refectory in the evening (and the bar's next door)
    Beach is long, varies from sand to pebbles, and good for a long walk, there's some fields by the college too.


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      Re: College accommodation ratings...

      you forgot to mention the lovely stench of sewage from the nearby sewage plant
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        Re: College accommodation ratings...

        I'm so used to it I don't notice it anymore!!


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          Re: College accommodation ratings...


          ?80 single ?85 double en suite (worth the extra fiver)/week
          4 bedroom houses a five min walk to college. Rooms are different sizes but are all quite nice.
          Gym in college and indoor football hall you can book.
          Washing machine , dishwasher, tiny fridge (you will have to bring your own mini fridge), tv, couches and chairs.
          Rooms have enough space in the wardrobes.
          Desks in each room for study.
          Internet can be slow and its not wireless.
          Library is big with a lot of computers(brand new) but this can fill up at lunchtime.
          Not much to do but cork city is ten mins away by bus so not bad. Two pubs beside houses but a taxi into to the city for clubbing is quick and costs a tenner return so not too bad.
          Rating ****