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  • Student Loan Troubles

    A bit of an odd question for this but maybe someone will know something I am a 1st year cadet doing NC/HNC marine engineering and I applied for a SAAS loan like many of the other people in my class did but we have since been told we can't get a SAAS loan in our first year since its an NC which I thought was odd since we are students. I'm living away from home and was wondering if people knew of a student loan company that I could get a smallish loan for just keeping me afloat while I'm out here. Most people will say get a job or something but I want to use my time at night for getting my head in the books. If anyone has any advice or that feel free to throw it at me lol.

    cheers, Alan

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    Pretty much all banks do a student overdraft, just change your current account into one, just need a letter saying that includes your name, course and what year/month you finish the course, on "official college" paper with a signature. Take that into your bank, overdraft within the hour. First term its normally around ?500 but every term it goes up, can get mine put up to ?1500 now if I wanted half way through my second year.


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      Right I had a search around are you at Glasgow? Depending on you family income you could apply for ema. Its for further education rather than higher education which I would expect an NC is.
      Have you had a look at the college website and been over to speak to them thery have discretionary bursaries and there are often other bursaries specific to a type of course, engineering, shipping etc.
      I would go and have a chat with them, fairly often these funds sit there and no one
      applies, you have nothing to lose!
      If you are not at Glasgow then other colleges will still have this information usually found under student services or similar. Have a search for nautical or martime or engineering bursaries grants and see if anything comes up that you could apply for.
      Find out your options for funding a course at City of Glasgow College. Use our online Funding Finder to learn all your funding options for your chosen course and get financial help to gain a new qualification.

      If you find out something useful perhaps you can post it, for others as this topic is reoccurring.
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        SAAS is for HNC/HND, thats why you dont get it on your first year because you dont do HNC till phase 3


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          SAAS only fund people who are doing HNC or higher.