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Year 4 HND Part 2

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  • Year 4 HND Part 2

    I have been looking for info on deck cadetships such and such and i notice that Shetland offer a year 4 HND part 2. Just wondering if the other colleges/universities offer this and has anyone gone on and completed this stage. I've read that you need to complete sea service as a junior officer also, how long does this sea service have to be?

    I have an interview tomorrow and think this could be a good question to ask at the end. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've had a look at Shetland's website, and I can see why people get confuzzled with this HND part 2 thing as they don't mention part 1.... I've heard of Warsash calling it that too.

    You can obtain an officer of the watch ticket with just an HNC and by completing the orals and written exams. The HND and further written exams and orals are required to obtain a chief officers certificate, so anyone holding a chief mates ticket who followed the HNC route will have sat the HND. I am doing it at the moment at South Shields.

    As for sea service... You'll need 12 months to sit your Officer of the watch exams and a further 18 months sea service as a junior officer to sit your chief officers exams..... You can still do the HND without the sea service, you just can't sit the exams. Some companies will put you through your HND and some wont, it varies.


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      Do you need HND to get a chiefs ticket? I'm doing HNC, damm! Getting results from my apprenticeship through though...Will need to email clyde in the morning.


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        Yup yup, HNC for OOW and HND for Mates


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          Well I have just above the minimum requirements, 3 in english, maths and a 1 in science, but im waiting on business & administration SVQ 2 results coming through which is the equivalent of 1 above NC at college, don't know if this would make a difference though...


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            Nope, You need the HNC in nautical science to do the HND Just that clyde/company don't pay for you to do your HND


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              Ahhhhh, I should not have sent that email then haha! So the optional 26 weeks for the HND I would need to pay for myself ? Or well infact I would be entitled to it since I would be 19 I'm sure


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                You could try claim it under SAAS I suppose....... By the time you pass your HNC and get your OOW ticket you'll just wanna go to sea and earn money, then worry about the HND course when you get back.


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                  Suppose! 6 months is a long time, still many years to go until then !