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Sea time, NOE, IAMI.

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  • Sea time, NOE, IAMI.

    does anybody know if you need your NOE to sit your iami exams it's just I'm due back at college before I will have the 8 months sea time needed.


    c.b eye

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    Don't think you do


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      You think you don't or you know you don't martyboy? I can't seem to find anything clear cut on ye old internet and no one onboard has even heard of iami.


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        I'm not an engineer, I know that you don't for the deck side of things which are done by the SQA.


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          Been looking into this for ya, you do need an NOE for the IAMI exams..... not great for you!!

          See the guidance notes on the back.

          MCA Notice of Eligibility. A Notice of Eligibility is required. NO candidates may sit the Engineering Knowledge examination without a valid Notice of Eligibility.


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            well, you dont need it to sit the iami exams but if you pass the exams and your NOE gets rejected then you have to resit the iami's when you get an approved NOE
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              I just asked a couple if guys at Shields. They will let you sit the IAMI without a NOE but wont give you your certificate until you've got one


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                Thanks for that. It's annoying searching for stuff onboard it takes forever.


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                  Just to confirm Martyboy's reply you can sit the IAMI exams without an NOE but the College have to check that you have the required sea-time. If you have the time you can sit the exams but won't be given a Pass Certificate until the College have sight of the NOE.
                  The MCA have allowed this as the Engineer Phase 5 is so short and allows little time for the TRB to be completed once back from sea, signed by all, NOE application sent in with it and NOE received back before the exams.
                  Best of luck with the exams.