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Anyone good at statics?

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  • Anyone good at statics?

    A cubical tank of side 10m is divided into two compartments by a vertical bulkhead. One compartment holds oil of relevant density 0.86 to a depth of 5m and the other contains sea water of relative density of 1.025. The resultant hydrostatic thrust on the bulkhead is 1.6 MN.
    Calculate EACH of the following

    a) the depth of the sea water
    b) the position at which the resultant hydrostatic force acts from the top of the bulkhead

    Anyone have any idea how to do this??


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    a)lculate the force on the dividing bulkhead which is exerted by the oil.

    Calculate the height of seawater needed to give the stated RESULTANT force on the bulkhead.

    b) Calculate where the net force on each side acts and then figure out where the resultant force acts.
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