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    If I was to get a sponsorship say with Princess Cruises, do I then do my sea time on one of their ships or can it be any ship? Thanks

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    When you say any ship, do you mean in the parent company, or ANY ship?

    I'd hazard a guess at saying you'd be one of their ships, unless they didn't have space for some reason or there was exceptional circumstances.

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      Yeah that's what I was thinking thanks


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        Generally you would only do your sea time on your sponsoring companies ships. However some companies have agreements with sister companies to take cadets if there isn't enough berths or other unusual circumstances. I believe some OOCL (I think) cadets spent time on Hamburg Sud ships for this reason?

        The other main reason would be if you were sponsored by a company whose ships only do coastal routes, they would usually have an agreement with another company for you to spend time on their vessels deep sea to get your ticket (to get an unlimited ticket you need to spend a certain amount of your sea time on unlimited voyages, so you can't spend all your time on ferries a couple of miles from the coast). For example cadets sponsored by Calmac usually get a few months deep sea on Stena Tankers.

        All company dependant though (as are most things tbh).


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          Thanks for this, thats what I thought but some people I have spoke to have said different. I will have to speak to my sponsorship company (if I get one)!