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  • Engineering Orals, Liverpool

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering whether anybody had recently had their engineering oral exam over at the MCA office in Crosby, Liverpool recently, and whether you might have any past questions on PDF, Word etc that you'd mind emailing over?

    I have material I was given by STC, but those were all from orals sat up at the Tyne Dock office. Would the content of the exam differ greatly from office to office, or broadly speaking, do you think it'd be roughly the same line of questioning?

    Thanks in advance.

    NB* I am aware of the horrendous typo in the thread title, could one of the mod's be so kind as to amend it? Thanks.
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    The content can vary heavily from examiner to examiner, any where you go.
    Guessing this is for offiver of the watch?

    But things that tend to come up are;
    Blow Down of Boiler Gauge Glass.
    Recent Accident (always enclosed space entry included in this)
    Stuff relevant to the ships you been working on.
    Everything and anything in between, but more generalised engineering questions.

    I'm sure the STC questions will put you in good position to answer most things. Officer of the watch should be heavily safety orientated, however I do not know what the examiners at Liverpool are like, I got an old school examiner in Cardiff years ago when I did my officer of the watch, and he didn't care for safety, just engineering, which was harder, but he was used to Class 2 & 1 exams, where you expect them to know the basics of safety.