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  • Orals in Hull

    Just wondering if anyone has done or knows anyone that has done their orals in Hull, and might have past papers they could send me?


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    Name:alok kumar sahoo captain peter resultass
    q)what was the deadweight of your last ship?
    Q)bouyage-region a-inbound(safe water mark,east cardinal mark,west cardinal
    mark,port and starboard lateral mark,isolated danger mark).
    Q)which all places will you find region b?
    Q)how will u know how many passengers have boarded on a passenger vessel?
    Q)equipments-gyro repeater-explain him everything,then he asked me to take the bearing
    of a pole.,hygrometer-expain everything,asked me when will dry and wet reading be
    Q)chart abbrevation:wreck swept by wire sweeep.wreck depth obtained by
    sounding,submarine cable,pilot boarding staion with name,fishing stake,lateral mark
    with radar transponder beacon,wreck depth unknown,seabed nature.
    Q)you are preparing a passage from singapore to europe and master tells you to make
    a passage plan so how will you make?(want to hear contingency plan in planning stage
    and high risk area)
    q)what is coswep?
    Q)duties of safety officer?who was safety officer in your last ship?
    Q)you see a crew member doing a work that’s not safe so what will you do?
    Q)what is the latest garbage discharge criteria?
    Q)what are your duties in isps security level 2? How will you come to know what
    security level is there on your ship?
    Q)what cargo did you carry on your last ship?
    Q)what precautions will you take while carrying naptha on board?
    Q)what is flash point? What is the flash point of naptha and disel oil?
    Q)what are you duties during cargo loading watch on a product tanker during night?
    Q)what liquid is there on pv breaker to prevent water from freezing in winter?
    Q)what maintance will you do in pv breaker and pv valve?what is the difference
    between both?
    Q)block diagram of inert gas system?
    Q)what are the alarms on ig panel?
    Q)what actions you will take if ig system fails during discharging on a product tanker
    and a crude oil tanker?
    Q)how will you do multiple grade loading?
    Q)what are the venting system used on tankers?
    Q)what kind of fixed firefighting equipments can u find in pumproom of tankers?
    Q)what is electro static discharge and how will you prevent it from occuring?
    Q)on any ship if you are loading any dangerous cargo where wil you get information
    regarding that cargo?
    Q)what is mlc?how will you come to know what are your requirements on board?
    Q)where is hru fitted?how will you come to know if you can use hru or not?
    Q)what is vdr?
    Q)what data you have to manually input on ais?
    1)head on with pd vessel
    2)overtaking with pd vl
    3)crossing stbd side passenger vessel?
    4)crossing port side passenger?
    5)crossing trawler port side?
    6)you r on a vessel laying out submarine pipeline and you have a pd on your stbd
    side,when will you take action?
    Smart board(identify vl,fog signal,day signal take action if asked)1)nuc seeen from stbd
    2)ram 3-aground 4-sailing vessel 5-trawler 6-fv wit gear more than 150 mts 7-towing
    vessel length of vl more than 50 mts,ram towing.7)nuc not making way 8)pilot vessel at
    q)quote rule 19
    q)gave me single blip,then two ,then 3 blips
    q)from where will you get true vector?
    Q)vessel was on my port side forward of my beam..what acton will you take…?
    Good luck guys