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Interviews and assessment days for September 2014 entry.

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  • Interviews and assessment days for September 2014 entry.

    Hi guys!

    As a new member trying to find out as much as I can about becoming a cadet and the sort of formal processes you have to pass through to become a Deck cadet. I know now that there are many different routs that I can take but as a senior school leaver (June - July 2014) I intend to take the course instead of going on to do A-levels or equivalents.

    At the moment the school are shoving college application deadlines and open evenings down our throats as well as trying to prepare us for our exams! I intend to join a cruise company however I understand not to be so narrow minded as I have been told that the merchant navy is much broader and can provide me with many new and exciting opportunities outside of the cruise industry! As I live quite close to Warsash Maritime Academy it would be preferable that I'd be sent there for my training, but I'm unsure if the company's look at that preference when assigning you to a college. I don't even know if you get to pick!

    My next question would have to be about the title of this thread I suppose! With the assessment days what sort of times every year are they held and where exactly! I live in the Hampshire area (south coast) so I'm unsure weather they are are a short as most offices are in Southampton or we have to go further afield! Also what sort of things happen on the assessment days and are the tests you take to test your knowledge or mental reasoning? I've been searching this site and the internet but I cant seem to find anything to substantial!

    If you could help that would be brilliant!

    Cheers Guys

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    Hi TQuinn, as regards to being a senior school leaver just make sure you have English and Maths at a C or (preferably) above in GCSE, this will go a long way to helping applications for a HNC course, for the FD you will need A levels.
    Best advice is get along to some open days at the maritime colleges if you can, Warsash being so close is a good place to start, but I wouldn't guarantee that you would be there, quite often companies like to send you away from home, just to be sure there aren't any problems even just being a few hours from home, Fleetwood I highly recommend, well it is my college, City of Glasgow, South Shields (Tyneside), Plymouth, etc have a look on for more info.

    As regards to assessments it all depends on the company and or college on who and what level they are looking for. My training company is Clyde and I had to complete and online 30 minute test to prove I had a basic level of maths and English skills and common sense, although not allowed to call it that any more as its been taken out of law, anyway another rant for another time . I have got friends who had to go for a full day of tests and interviews to prove they were of the right standard, but at the other extreme I know one guy who had a 10 minute telephone conversation and got a sponsorship?!?!?! Crazy I know!!! It really does depend on the company/college, generally I would go on the rule of the more successful and bigger companies will have more thorough testing as they will always get a large amount of applications to choose from. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions!!
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