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  • Orals in Liverpool

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I had a little look through the threads and couldn't see anything so I've started this one.

    I'm looking for any questions you guys might have from Orals done in Liverpool. I have a crew member coming on watch with me next week and he is going for his OOW in Liverpool so thought I would find some questions that have been asked previously to help him out.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    I have a PDF of about 100 orals past papers from Liverpool that I can send you if you PM me your email address.


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      Hello EH75,

      I have recently came across this website, having failed my OOW Unlimited orals first time in Glasgow I decided to give Liverpool a shot due to it having the earliest date available for myself. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me the PDF file ? Sorry if this is rude asking you on my very first post.

      Regards, Connor.