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    I have 2 weeks to choose a topic for my degree dissertation. I am studying Nautical Engineering (I will be a ship officer). If I can't come up with a good idea it's ok, some teacher will help me out. But I prefer if I can find before something I like. Any idea?

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    Have you identified any areas of weakness on your last ship? On my last vessel, I noticed almost no one was using checklists. That's what my dissertaion is about. Lots of people like doing communications and hours of rest, but it is essentially up to you.
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      What are you interested in? Environmental things, supertechnonolgy, fuel economy, nuclear power..... ?? Your dissertation is going to be something you spend a lot of time on, so make sure it's something you're really interested in!


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        Energy Efficiency is the name of the game these days, why not look at areas where fuel can be saved? Develop a new set of measuring tools (something I've been trying to do in my spare time) or draw up a plan for increasing the energy efficiency of your vessels using existing technology.

        If that is what you want to go with, then let me know. I do this sort of stuff as part of my job so I have a lot of information and other stuff, and i'm willing to forward it to you provided you send us a copy (electronically) of the completed dissertation....
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