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    Hi there,
    I've just started my sea phase after passing the first phase at Fleetwood, but I've been told by my company that I need a Marshall Islands medical. What is this for and what does it include. Does anyone know if any physician can carry out the medical or is there someone specific. Also if it is someone specific does anyone know who does them in South Wales. Thanks!

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    Sounds like your company have their own rules for medicals, above and beyond the normal stipulations. This is not unusual, my company are quite picky about medicals as well, however in answer to your question I would assume that the company will arrange everything for you, so it may well be easier to ask them direct. I would guess that you will be sent somewhere to do before you join your first ship.


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      As above, ask your company. They might have preferred doctors or they might make the arrangements themselves. At the very least they should point you towards the approved doctor list.

      Once MLC is fully ratified the MI flag would accept the ENG1 as far as I know so it's a bit of a pain having to get another medical done.
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        I'm pretty sure you can get them in Aberdeen if thats any help.


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          Cheers for the help guys!


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            It's because the vessel's you're going on are Marshall Island flagged and you have to go to an MI approved doctor....
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