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  • Question regarding HNC/HND

    Thought I'd start a new topic for this, hopefully in the right area,

    As far as I understand it, the HND is required for your chief's certificates and can be done at a later point.
    If I get put forward for the HNC, at the end of the HNC course will the sponsoring company offer to put me through for a HND or is that my choice and off my own back?

    If its off my own back, say I get a first job and say work for 3 years as a junior officer with just a HNC, is it normal for shipping companies to give people the time off to allow them to go and do the extra training to allow them to go from HNC to their next tickets or would you be handing your notice in to go and further yourself?

    Probably sounds stupid to the old hands here but I'm just getting my head around it all, cheers for any help.
    It was like that when I got here.

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    You will normally do the HND after you have 18 months sea time and your studying for your C/O ticket. Whether your company will put you through it or it's off your own back varies from company to company. Some will give you time off pay for everything, others you'd be lucky to get a note pad and pen out of. The other option is to study HND or foundation degree from the beginning. You can also stay at college after HNC to do your HND.
    Essentially the answer to all your questions is yes; there are many options.
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      That clears it up enough for me, cheers.
      It was like that when I got here.


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        Go to Warsash and there's no worries - they only do the HND.
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          I got the impression from my interview that they didn't have any spaces left for that particular college as it's name was not bought up, the Shetlands were though!

          Is it the norm for deck officers to switch and swap a lot between companies?
          It was like that when I got here.


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            If you work for Maersk the HND is compulsory at the end of your HNC on the deck side, i'm not entirely sure about the engine side