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How physical is the first month at Fleetwood?

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  • How physical is the first month at Fleetwood?

    I've managed to dislocate my shoulder and am likely to be in a sling for about a month before starting physio. The normal recovery is apparently 12-16 weeks so I'm just wondering if there is anything really physical in the first few weeks when I might still be a bit limited. It might not be the case but I'm just wondering - I think it also might mean that I will be temporarily unfit for my Eng 1 - could this be a problem when I will be back to full fitness for my first sea phase- just don't want this to stop me starting as I have sponsorship for Fleetwood starting this September- thanks

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    Id be most worried about the sea survival and basic fire fighting short courses. Do you know when youre doing those?
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      No - not got any info yet so thought someone who'd gone through the Fleetwood programme might be able to help. I may recover mor quickly - too early to tell yet


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        The first month does not involve and physical work really. You do something called ABT that is like a activities based leadership thing every week but if you can?t take part fully its no big deal. I can?t remember when the deckies started their short courses but i don?t think it was until the 2nd or 3rd month. I wouldn?t worry about the ENG 1 either, the sponsoring companies will be used to having guys that have injured themselves for whatever reason, they will just send you for the ENG1 when you are fit, you have a fair few months before you actually need it to go on your sea phase. There is a guy here right now with a broken wrist and he is having no issues.


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          Don't worry. The short courses for your first phase on FD start in the week or so before Christmas and finish in the week or two just after and just before your first sea phase. The most important thing to do is to keep up with the exercises once the physio gets their hands on you.

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