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  • Reserve forces?

    Just wondering guys, I was in the TA for a year and a bit and then got medically suspended as I dislocated my shoulder, I couldn't be bothered with constant medical check ups so I left not long after. that was over a year ago and the old shoulder is as good as new.

    The urge to sign back up is floating around my head.
    If I'm honest I miss the adventure and the motivational help to keep fit. Obviously now I have my cadetship starting in september so I'm unsure if it would be the wisest thing to do.

    I know from my experience that you can be 'pardoned' from any deployments if you have valid reason, one of the main ones is education which the cadetship essentially is so I don't think it would affect it in that way (need to be checked if I do go for it though)

    Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience or know any cadets in the reserve forces while doing their cadetship? How do the training companies feel about it?


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    Good question!

    I too have my cadetship in September but I was at university before, during my time at uni I was and still am a Special Constable. I have every intention on carrying on with it (for as long as I can). I personally would recommend doing something like the TA etc.


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      Good to know I'm not the only one in this position! I'm definitely leaning towards signing back up, I made some great friends and did some things ill never forget in my short time with the TA. I don't think it would affect the cadetship too much, only worry would be if it caused me to lose some time at college! but I have a feeling that I would be okay!


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        If the number of Warsash cadets in my old RNR unit (HMS King Alfred) was anything to go by then I would say its definitely possible to be a MN Officer Cadet and an Armed Forces Reservist. I imagine the practicalities of doing so would depend on the disposition and attitude of your particular sponsor. I can't think of any reasons why this should be a problem however.

        I would love to hear from any current or recently ticketed cadet who was in the reserves or had a similar commitment, firstly because I left the RNR years ago to join the RN so I can't guarantee that this is still a normal occurrence and because it is something I am seriously considering doing myself (for pretty much exactly the same reasons as the OP).


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          I used to be in the TA and recently I was at a London RNR open day event. When I mentioned I was due to start at Warsash in September they were very keen to sign me up. The RNR has specific roles for Merchant Navy officers and they seem to be looking to recruit more people with those specialist skills - although they did stress that MN officers could join any part of the RNR, you aren't forced into the specialised MN branches.

          Due to the general shake-up under the FR2020 plans, no-one seemed very sure about what the annual commitment would be, if there would be fixed training periods each year and so on. They did say that I would have to pass the AIB and spend 2 weeks at BRNC however, they weren't sure if I could actually commission as an MN/RNR officer until I'd got my CoC.

          The RNR does look very interesting though. They seemed much more flexible than the TA and - unlike the TA - the RNR isn't made up of formed units, it is totally integrated with the regular structure with RNR units sending individuals to fulfil specific roles.