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  • Eships

    Does anyone have any experience of Eships? Am joining the Eships Agamid the day after tomorrow.

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    All I can say is that they have very good safety standards and are commended by NMM, however the Agamid as an individual ship, I can't recall exactly it's record.


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      The vessel is managed by NMM, so it's them that handle the safety matters on board, not E-Ships.

      From looking at Equasis, chemical/products tanker, not particularly massive (lets rock and roll!) and hasn't had any PSC issues in about 3 years. No way to check the vessel's SIRE information sadly.
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        Yeah had a look at equasis as well all looks good there. Was just wondering I'm a calmac cadet have been on their ships and northern marines but had no experience of eships or even heard of them till today. Was more wondering if anyone has sailed on an Eships ship and if they had any thoughts to share on it.